Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holiday Work: Understanding 'The Elderly Challenge'

Four key recommendations of the report:

1) Housing for the elderly: This means that there will be different types of housing to ensure that there will be a comprehensive range of housing optons to meet the needs of seniors, so that SIngapore will be the best home for all ages.
2) Accessibility for Seniors: Transport systems will be more user friendly and the built environment will be barrier free to ensure elder friendly mobility around the nation
3) Caring for seniors: Healthcare and Eldercare will be more efficient and more cost efficient, and they will be easily accessible by the elderly in the community.
4) Opportunities for Seniors: Seniors will be able to lead healthy and active lifestyles, and all Singaporeans, young and old wll have a positive attitude towards seniors.

One way the CAI report is recommending to make our public housing more user-friendly:
1) The government should consider introducing guidelines for the provision of accessibility and safety features in the homes for seniors, through a review of the Code on Barrier-Free Accessibility, to create a more elder-friendly environment.

Two ways we can ensure that the quality of eldercare here in SIngapore is affordable:
1) The Singapore government should top up Medisave accounts for the less well-to-do when they have a budgetary surplus, so that the elderly have the means to afford healthcare services.
2)The Government should set up a Caregiver Centre to support families in care-giving through provision of information resources and programmes.

Three things I can do as an SST student, to help overcome this elderly challenges:
1) I could design objects that could great reduce the inconvenience that the elderly face when travelling around. Like a portable scooter/chair.
2) Organising activities to engage the elderly in lively activities is also an option
3) But most important of all, maintaining a good relationship and helping fellow neighbours, who are elderly and have trouble moving around.

Thats it.

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