Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elderly challenge observation 4

For my final observation, I will like to do so about falling.

What are the reasons that the elderly fall down?
The normal changes for an elderly, like deteriorating eyesight or poor hearing, will make the elderly more likely to fall. Illnesses and diseases will sap the elderly's strength, and poor lighting and unfavourable surfaces will make the elderly very prone to falling. Furthermore, medication might weaken the elderly.

How do I prevent it?
1) Make sure that the house is as well lit as possible so that the elderly will not trip over something that he/she might not see in poor lighting.
2) Do not put anything that might trip the elderly lying around. Eg. Electric cords
3) Make the house is non-skid.
4) Do not let the elderly try to climb on a stool by him/herself to take something off the shelves or etc.
5) Install grab bars in the bathroom, and on the staircases.

Other than that, each family can adjust how to make the house as safe as possible for the elderly depending on the situation

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