Monday, June 21, 2010

Elderly challenge observation 2

Another major problem is the elderly's lack of social life and activities.

This may be because they have too much spare time as most of them are retired, and they may not have the physical capabilities to do what they had wanted to do before in their prime.

RESULT: Many old folks hang around in the void decks aimlessly, talking to other old folks in the same predicament as them.
I think this is quite a bad sign as it means that many singaporeans are not taking care of their elderly parents.
They should at least have made sure that their parents do not "rot there" in the void decks.
Personally, I think the elderly should also be more active and take up hobbies and go for enrichment classes, as I am sure that wil brighten up their lives so much more.

Or perhaps the elderly themselves should organise gatherings with other elderly, so that they can sit together and talk about their lives, maybe they might find something in common with other elderly and make new friends!

Otherwise, their own family should also visit the elderly once in a while if they are not staying with the elderly to make the elderly feel that he/she is still wanted by the family and does not feel like a liability.

Second observation finished.

Jun Hui

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