Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elderly challenge observation

First, I would like to say is that one of the many major problems that the elderly have is:
Moving Around.

Why do they have problems moving around?
Some of the reasons why they have problems are:
1) Arthritis and other joint diseases
2) Disease in he muscles or bones
3) Circulation problems in legs
4) Problems after a stroke
5) Parkinsons disease

These are some of the problems causing the elderly to have problems moving around. Of course, they are other types of problems that may cause in such movement disabilities.

So, an easy way for the elderly to move around is to allow them to have assistive equipment. An elderly with mobility problems may require such equipment, and without these equipment, the elderly has a higher chance of injury which can be disastrous.
A simple walking frame may prove to be more than just a simple equipment as the elderly can use it not only to assist him/herself in walking, but also a place of support to lean and rest upon.

Furthermore, a wheelchair may seem to be the safest method of moving around but it can also be very restrictive to the elderly and the elderly may not accept it as they might think that they are disabled or somewhere around that point.
So, another way is to adapt the elderly's home for improve mobility around the house, and that may prove to be better in the long term.

First observation finished.

Jun Hui

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