Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEWater visit.

3 key takeaways. (I WANT A BURGER!)
1) Newater is one of the national taps in Singapore and contributes a lot to Singapore's water supply
2) Technology used in Newater is very advanced.
3) We should not waste water as water is very precious.
2 concepts (no concept maps please
1) Water is used for all sorts of activities, from cooling generators to washing a cat.
2) Actually making Newater is a very complicated process.
1 interesting thing (YAY!)
I have learnt that Newater actually contributes a lot to Singapore's water supply.
How to help with water conservation?
First, i can start by not wasting water by closing the tap when i don;t need it, instead of keeping it open. Then, i can use the water i use to wash vegetables to water plants. (typical) There are many more examples, but its up to each individual to decide on how to utilise it.

Jun Hui, signing off. XD

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i had 3 takeaways.
1) people like me always ask questions which others think are irrelevant, yet sometimes i do prove a point
2) most of the groups had the same common errors
3) we should not just dump all the work on one group member.
2 concepts
1) we should have a design that can be understood easily by the masses
2) the design should be logical and implementable if we are thinking globally
1 interesting thing
1) it was really ironic asking the questions that contained my own teams flaws. XD

jun hui here,
signing off.