Sunday, January 24, 2010

Difference between Perspective, Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic drawing

Basically Perspective Drawing is too like reenact a scene from a persons point of view, which is the vanishing point. But without the point, the drawing cannot be understood.


Isometric Drawing is a 3d picture in which the drawing is not viewed from a right angle, thus when drawing it, the lines which are drawn from the centre of the drawing must be 30 degrees or so.


Oblique drawings are designed to show a person the 3d image of an object but it is not a 3d image. it is instead a 2d image which shows you clearly a side of the image but the rest of the image is distorted, hence making it look like a 3d picture.


Orthographic drawings are drawings that shows the shape and size of an object through a series of related 2d views.


Ho Jun Hui

Monday, January 18, 2010

Definition of Environment

1. The circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings.
2. The totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms, especially:
a. The combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, and survival of organisms:
b. The complex of social and conditions affecting the nature of an individual or community

My own definition:
The surroundings around us, the changes that take place around us whether man-made or natural.
The conditions that affect an organism's lifestyle.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Art, Design, Media and Technology (Personal Reflection)

ADMT is like art and craft to me except that it involves media and technology. Basically, ADMT is like making pieces of art using technology.

I think that an ADMT student should be imaginative and flexible, and must not be too rigid in doing his work. for example, when a teacher says draw something and tells him/her a method, he/she can use deiffernt methods to do it.

I aspire to excel in ADMT although i am not too sure what is required to do that.

I can achieve my aspiration by working hard and not slack.

i drew this piture because i think without ADMT, the world will be dull

ho jun hui